I think I may have Cushings??

I just had a sleep study done and went in last week to get the results.  The doctor said you have a very round face. Are you on any steroid medicines I told him I do get steroid injections in my low back and hips. He said he believes I should see an endocrinologist soon. He believes I may have Cushings.  I have a long list of illnesses and pains sometimes it feels like you are the only one that could feel this bad. I just found th is site today I think it is great.  I want to list all my symptoms from when I started to feel bad in 1998 right after I had my first baby first I had 2 miscarriages 4 years apart before I ever became pregnant . After the baby was born I had horrible back pain right lower back pain that went all the way down my leg. Ant that same time I started having a low grade fever it lasted 10 months.  I saw all kinds of specialist, and had many test. I never found out why but one day the fever went away. Then gradual symptoms started and as every year pasted I would get more . Headaches so bad I had to constantly follow up with a neurologist to try different medicines.  I started feeling like my head was numb that I could not think clear. My heart goes cracy sometimes it feels like it is doing cartwheels inside my chest,  it was diagnosed as A fib . I feel like I have inflammation in my entire body. When I stub my toes they break I even broke my foot that way before.  It seems that my ligaments tear easy also I’m not a person who is into sports, I’m not even able to do any exercise.  And I have torn 3 different ligaments, at different times.  I have the regular stretch marks that you get when you have a baby but I have those little red marks that are on skin, that don’t go away they look like blood just under the skin , and only as big as a small dot you could makemwith a pin. I have those on my arms legs chest belly. I definitely have the round face. My hair has been going through cycles of falling out then it’s ok for a while. I have a lot on my face where it shouldn’t be. My fingernails are messed up also. I am severely deficit in vit D. In the past I would get indometreeosis, and overy cyst that rupture with unbelievable pain I ended up having a hysterectomy because of it. I feel like I am rambling on but I feel if I leave out a symptom maybe I will miss something that connects with someone else’s story. Anyway some of my other medical problems are I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease.  My white blood count  has been abnormally low and high in the past so much so my doctor thought I had cancer I went to another dr. And he thought I had Lupus.  N,ow they think I have Fibromyalgia my eyes are blury about half the time. I have anxiety, and depression.  I have incontinence it is better than before since I have had 2 surgeries.  My cholesterol is high the ratio was around 8. My arms legs and feet swell pretty bad I take medicine for that but also have to take Potassium because of the medicine. My stomach hurts quite often but it could be all the medicine I take . I do have the hump on my back and I’m big around my stomach area I don’t eat like what I think it would take to gain this kind of weight.  I weigh about 205 pounds that’s more than when I went in to have both of my kids. I really feel that I have Cushings I’m going to make an appointment on Monday.  I am wondering what kinds of test do they do and how long till I might find out ? I would be so glad to know why  I hurt so much all the time I’m always so tired,  and can’t seem to do things that seem easy and normal for most people.  If anyone has questions or advice or want to share similar stories please reply.  Best wishes to all of us. And thank you for reading my bad writing.

I think I know what's wrong with me (Cushings???